Newfield Rod & Gun Club, Inc.

Newfield Youth Trap League

Requirements and Information for competing in the 

New York State High School Clay Target League at the Newfield Rod & Gun Club, Inc.


  • Minimum age, 12 years old
  • Must have completed a hunter education course
  • Must be a part of the Outdoors club
    • attend at least two (2) Outdoors Club meetings a month
      (unless excused)
  • Must attend Newfield Middle/High school
  • Must submit a signed parent permission form

For information contact Patrick Payne at:
     Facebook: Newfield Youth Trap League
     Phone: 607-592-3932

For those that do not attend Newfield Middle/High School:

Young people, 12 years and up, who are interested in the shooting sports but don't have anyone to show them the basics and introduce them to clay target shooting, the Newfield Rod and Gun Club on Stark Rd. In Newfield has open to the public shooting on Tuesday 3-6 pm and Sunday morning 8-11 am. Stop by and talk to any of the members. I'm sure we would all be glad to help you out. We are all stronger together!